At Spontaneous Atelier we create living color healing textiles. High vibrational living requires harmonious lifestyle choices. We offer a selection of options from healing garments to experiential workshops to adorn your lightbody in living colors. Through natural color we can deepen our connection to our earth. When we are in connection we can operate from a place of love and harmony with the earth in all we do. These harmonious actions are of great importance now, in this time of great change on earth.

Through our alchemical ways of color making we offer ways to tend your inner wild through experience based workshops. Exploring engaging with the plant world around us to enter a deeper understanding of wholeness, health, and connection. We offer hand dyed healing garments. Natural color holds a unique vibrational frequency that our skin can absorb and is felt on a subtle level when worn daily. Color energy transmuted through eyes & brain affects the body chemically. Our colors are alive in essence, containing multiple molecular pigments making up each hue. Natural color morphs with the light, time and is ever changing just as the landscapes do. 

Our alchemy of light atelier is based around the natural cycles. Natural dyeing is steeped in ancient tradition and is a slow time worn process. We create in symbiosis with our environment, telling stories of ecological consciousness through our works. We often create bio regional pigments, palettes of a time & place. Our atelier operates seasonally, sometimes nomadically, from Brampton, Ontario, Canada. 

Spontaneous Atelier is the working title of multidisciplinary artist & healer Nicole Varney. Blending her expertise in Ayruveda, herbal medicine, vibrational sound healing & conscious awareness based mindfullness practices.