Headpieces are sacred tools, respected and cared for in the same way as a rattle or drum. They are shamanic objects used to help the wearer get into the proper frame of mind for personal growth and empowerment in ceremony, celebration and for doing ceremonial work.

We start with a invocation ceremony and meditation to drop into ourselves. Then gathering the tools needed a blessing is bestowed. We learn simple jewelry making techniques as well as hand sewing. Using a mix of natural materials,  a selection of magpie treasures and naturally dyed cloth, we weave our essences into our adornments. We close with a story and grounding prayer.

Exchange of $85

All materials are provided along with a nourishing vegan lunch!

------ Beltane May 1st 2016 ------

------  Jun 9th 2016 (to wear on summer solstice)------

------  Jun 16th 2016 (to wear on summer solstice)------


Taught by Nicole Varney. Dreamer, rainbow weaver, who has been crafting goddess headpieces for over 8 years under the name Spontaneous Reality.

To reserve your spot message: spontneousatelier@gmail.com