Natural color is one of our main focuses of practice at Spontaneous Atelier. Our pigments are created in symbiosis with the environment. They are alive in essence, containing multiple molecular pigments making up each hue. Natural color morphs with the light, time and is ever changing just as the landscapes do. Color created with plants naturally holds a unique vibrational frequency that is felt on a subtle level when worn or experienced daily.




Sharing these ancient ways of natural color is a joyous and eye opening experience. We offer our knowledge in the form of lectures,  workshops, and interactive learning experiences. See our Workshops page to join in the color learning.




We offer our research in many forms. See our shop for our seasonal hues calendar. Sign up for the mailing list about other publications soon to be released.



Custom Hues

Collaborative projects for us is where the magic lies. We offer our production dye services to creatives, individuals and businesses. Focusing on seasonal local color, we offer sustainable options for conscious creatives.  To inquire about our production contact us here. Peek at our past work for clients here




Our Atelier is open to curious visitors by appointment. We also are starting to offer apprenticeships positions for the summer of 2018. Send us a message if you are interested in learning more.




Creating natural colors is nothing short of earth magic. Attuning ourselves to natural cycles of time we create with the seasons. This sacred practice of creating color is ancient and stepped in mystery & folklore. See our Gallery for stories.



We also craft herbal medicines at our atelier. These are made in small batches and are concocted seasonally, under lunar rhythms with great care.