align your life with mamma Gaia



Ayurvastra, meaning healthy fabrics is a branch of the ancient Vedic healthcare system of Ayurveda. “Ayur” health, and “Vastra” signifies clothing.

I offer an ayurvastra session for those looking to elevate your wardrobe. Aligning the inner work with the outer.

This session includes one medicinally dyed natural garment. A custom pigment blend made just for you, aligned with your constitution and a personal alchemical blessing.


Natural Dye

My passion for natural dyes has coloured all aspects of my life. For me this craft is a sacred process and has taken me to deep places within myself.

I offer my expertise with natural dyes to help you realize your project. I can offer support with many aspects I have experienced. Dye studio set up, natural fibers, sustainability of process, dye garden creation, bioregional color, mordanting, troubleshooting, design and development.

If you need support with natural colors for your business or project, I can help.


Holistic Design

Creating containers of sacred space has been part of my life since my childhood of lighting alter lamps. Since then I have gathered many tools, all of which have served me well creating sacred spaces for people, homes and events all over the world.

I offer these sessions in co-creation and upliftment in beauty of all involved. Bringing in the elements to create soft harmonious environments for homes, retreats, ceremony, gatherings, markets & show booths, places of healing, photo & film projects.

Each project is unique, some tools offered are: hand dyed healing textiles, floral arrangements, elemental alters, meditation cushions, soft lighting, energetic space clearing and charging.