Connecting people to the natural world through living color.

Our teachings offer those whom hear the calling, to develop a deeper connection to the natural world.

We'll explore the sacred practice of natural dyeing and through this alchemical process,

 lessons of cultivating our intuitive expression, plant spirit communication, vibrational color healing,

herbal wellness, sustainable fashion and so much more.

Join one of our hands on experiences to be inspired by nature.



Seasonal Spectrums Beltane Workshop @ Soaring Crane Studio, Sebastopol, California ~ May 6th


Seasonal Hues Demo & Talk @ Price Edward County Fiber Fest ~ May 26th


Ritual Garments with Zen Nomad ~ Muskoka, Ontario ~ Jun 9th


Seasonal Spectrums Workshop @ Gamiing Nature Centre ~ July 21st


Children's Rainbow Workshop @ Gamiing Nature Centre ~ Aug 14th


Sign ups will be available as dates are set, join our mailer for announcements.

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Details of some our workshops are below.

seasonal spectrums.jpg

Seasonal Spectrums Workshop

Join Nicole for a day of exploring local pigments. We will dive deep into the practice of making natural color from our surrounding landscape. We'll cover foraging, basic natural dyeing methods, grounding tools, sustainable textiles, water care and elemental alchemy. You will come away with a in depth understanding of local pigments and a new connected perspective of the landscape. No prior knowledge or experience is required, just an open heart and curious mind.



Children's Rainbow Workshop

A half day workshop of color play! Explore pigments from botanical sources, learning about plants, science and sustainable fashion in a fun informal way. This hands on workshop uses all non toxic materials and things do get messy. Open to ages of 7 and older.





medicinal color workshop.jpg

Medicinal Color Workshop

Join Nicole for a day of exploration into medicinal color & herbal helpers. We spend the day deepening our relationship with the plant beings by first exploring the ancient practice of natural dyeing, creating healing cloth through alchemy and ceremony. Then we learn to create simple herbal remedies from the very same plant beings. You will come away with a deeper understanding of working with plant allies and gain skills for a healthy and harmonious life. No prior knowledge or experience is required, just an open heart and curious mind.


The Edible Rainbow

Join Nicole for a day of rainbow of culinary delights. We explore pigments from edibles, making colors and cooking a seasonal feast as we learn. We'll cover natural dyeing basics, growing organic food & color, sustainability within crafting, holistic seasonal nutrition, vibrational healing and wellness. You will come away with a full belly, a botanically dyed table runner and heaps of knowledge for inspired action. No prior knowledge or experience is required, just an open heart and curious mind.

Past workshops captured moments...

"Colors of the Landscape"



Manitoulin Island Edition


Summer 2017

Blue Moon Indigo


Spontaneous Atelier Magical Garden

Summer 2015


Summertime Hues


Lakeshore Arts



Indigo Magic


 Luc Sculpture Studios


Winter 2017

"Colors of the Landscape"



Element Festival


Manitoulin Island


Tinctoria Frolic

Spring Equinox


Toronto Etsy Team Gallery